Ways That Photobooth Helps In Promoting Your Business Or Event

Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Business Event | Comments Off on Ways That Photobooth Helps In Promoting Your Business Or Event

hwnewdri8z9srtui_580People would assume that you added the photo booth in your business event for fun, though that is true, to a business minded person, of course that’s not all there is to it. This can also be a clever way to promote the event and the business itself. Now that’s how you mix business with pleasure!

By Customising The Photo Booth Layout

The first way to take advantage of the photobooth is by using the photos itself. By having its layout customised into your logo, there’s a fair chance word will start to circulate about your business or event. They may pay attention to the pictures at first but after that it’d be hard not to notice the source of those pictures if it’s already indicated on the photo layout.

Through Sharing Photos

How else can a OMG! Norfolk photobooth be a more effective campaign technique for your business than by sharing the pictures to different social media platforms? You can use the pictures taken from the guests to broadcast how much your guest enjoyed your event. From there you can start promoting what your event was all about.

Social Media

Aside from letting the internet know what took place, you can also use the Twitter tools and Facebook to gain more followers and “Likes” in your page.

Name And Email Prompt

Every guest who attends is a potential client, so getting their name and email would be helpful when you’re doing cold emails. Good thing the photobooth has a name and email prompt so you can collect that for your mailing list later. Don’t worry about not getting enough, people love photobooths, you don’t even have to invite them to try it because they’d be excited to try when they see it.

Hand Out Print Cards

When people had their pictures taken, they’d want to see the results afterwards. In this case, you can hand out print cards with the url to your Twitter or Facebook page. Not only that they get to see the pictures after through your site, you also have people visiting your page which means that’s more people being aware of your business.