Starting a House Rubbish Clearance Company

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Starting a House Rubbish Clearance Company

Starting a business is no small matter, and everyone should be informed about the things they’re going to need in order to get it working. And we don’t mean the legal stuff and the paperwork here, we mean the real practical things that you’re going to need to start a, in this case, a domestic cleaning & house rubbish clearance company.

A Second-Hand Lorry

Of course, if you are going to start a house rubbish clearance company, you are going to need a lorry, and seeing how you probably don’t have that much money to start the job, you can go ahead and buy a second-hand one. You are going to need a sturdy lorry that you can count on, and the one that is able to carry the cargo all the way to the waste disposal place. Make sure you get a lorry that is going to be fuel-efficient, and the one able to carry large loads. Keep in mind that is doesn’t have to be anything special; you’ll be transporting rubbish in it anyway.

Hands-Free Communication Equipment

Due to the fact that you will not be spending your whole day in front of computer taking calls, you’re going to need some kind of a hands-free communication equipment. Even a simple bluetooth will do the trick. Keep in mind that you’ll be driving a lot of the time (or collecting rubbish), and you need to be able to work and talk to people at the same time.

Work Equipment

By this we mean your work clothes and the waste removal equipment. You’re going to need both of these if you wish to look like a professional. Make sure you get some work clothes that have to be durable and protective while having your company name written on them. And when it comes to the equipment, try to get some online (where people find most stuff nowadays). There probably is some used equipment out there, and you need to make sure that you’ve bought everything before you start working. You don’t want to be halfway through a job when you realise that you don’t possess an important piece of equipment.

Business Insurance

Insurance is a must nowadays, because you can never know when an accident might take place. Having business insurance will help you feel a lot more secure, both while you’re driving, and while you’re collecting. Make sure you get an insurance that is going to cover your lorry, your equipment, and yourself from any injuries you might possibly experience while on the job.


Marketing is something that every single company needs to do today, and the best kind of marketing is the online marketing. You can do this by creating your company’s website (Good example: CJL House Clearance Essex), your company’s profile on social networks, and try to be as social as possible (but, don’t overdo it). You may even consider hiring a SEO expert, to help you get your website through and on top of other similar ones.

When it comes to regular marketing, you might consider making flyers, and giving them to people. Also, consider an add in your local newspaper, or even your local TV stations. A lot of people read and watch those, and it’s going to push your company though.