Is digital design a necessity for the future of architecture?

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Architecture | Comments Off on Is digital design a necessity for the future of architecture?

architectureCan you guess the one thing that’s different for an architect in 2016 and an architect in the 70s? Well, the answer is a computer! If there’s one thing where architects have started to make necessary in their lives, it’s a computer. Usually, it is used for 3D modeling, project documentation and even for creating spreadsheets; computers are pretty much a necessary component in the world of architecture. From structures to design, architects and engineers from Newtecnic are now focusing on doing better projects every time with the help of computers. Superb companies like the HLN group are making waves with their great use of computation in the whole process of architecture projects.

However, not just using a computer can get you the highest highs. Coding is one thing that I consider is important to learn for architects around the world for taking their work to the next level. You can’t solve the biggest problems in architecture with the help of off-the-shelf software. Tweaking and customizing the idea of architecture on a computer is everything that you need to focus on. Making newer tools, personal software and anything that you may require by yourself is where the future is.

Well, that’s something that I think is important for the evolution of architects but hey, is it going to happen? I doubt it. Architecture is a busy field of work and not every architect has the time to learn code to make their dreams come true. You have huge buildings to design and projects to run, how will you even find the time and energy to use a computer? Well, you’re in luck as there are a few tools in the market that provide you with the computational needs that you may require. I’m talking about visual programming and computational design.

What do you mean by Computational Design?

The computational design has a newer smarter edge to making real life designs without pulling off a lot of effort. While architects all around the world rely on design work, the computational design aims to make it easier. A newer approach to making sure you get more modern dimensions to the design of your choice with the help of coding and other software. The goal isn’t to rely on the final result yet, but to work on the whole coding process to get you computational design that you may be looking for.

While people might think that computational programming relies on text-based programming, the reality is pretty opposite, and this is where we pull your attention to. With the help of this visual design, you’ll be focusing on a newer concept of architecture that is easier to understand and might even reduce workload. HLN Architects already use products like these and are on top of their game but not you. This is where things get rough, and you need to focus on that. All in all, this is a great approach for architectural design that needs to be focused on.