Evolution Of Beer For The Everyday Businessman

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It sounds strange but the fact is the packaging of a famous product can change an awful lot. Take Coca Cola for an example, through their sheer branding of their bottles and advertisements they managed to change Santa Claus from adorning a green suit to red. Imagine that, one of the most influential holiday figures of all time’s appearance was changed by a mere fizzy drink company. Beer has had the exact same effect. Beer Bottle Packaging has changed so much over time that it is often used to demonstrate how much the times have changed. Here are a few influential beers that have changed the way we view drinking over time.

Gablingers Beer

Origin: Brooklyn

This beer is influential as it was the first ever light beer. Brewed by the famous chemist Joseph Owedes the beer had a chemical reaction that resulted in fewer calories. The bottle’s shape is fairly different to the bottles we see today and almost resembles that of a wine bottle rather than a typical beer bottle.gablingers

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Origin: Santa Rosa, CA

This beer was actually designed to compensate for a flawed brewery. The compensation came in the form of adding hops until the flavour seemed bitter which is now the guide that most brewers follow when it comes to making beer.

The bottle of this beer is extremely untraditional, not in colour but in shape again resembling a wine bottle.blindpig

Westmalle Tripel

Origin: Malle, Belgium

This beer has been dubbed the holy grail of all tripels with no beers coming close to the taste but a few. However this beer bottle’s packaging is much closer the packaging that we see today.westmalle

New Albion Ale

This beer was the first to represent home breweries and the idea of thinking big even though your resources are small. The bottle itself is a lot smaller the colour similar to what we recognise in beer bottles today.


Fuller’s London Pride

As a British person this is what we definitively recognise as the standard beer bottle despite lacking the recognisably green beer bottle.london-pride

Pilsner Urquell

Now you must have obviously heard of the nursery rhyme “ten greenbottles” and that is exactly what we recognise as a basic beer bottle, a thick body with a thin neck and sea green stained glass. Pilsner Urquell is an exact demonstration of what I believe is a regular beer bottle that you see everyday.1396042877



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Most In-demand Businesses Today

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The world is all about business: you will get what you want in exchange for something. But because money is important for running the world, business is never out of the question.

With the many sprouting business establishments across the world today, one may seem to find it difficult to get in the pace of business world and may even ditch the idea of trying. But all business-minded people know that all they have to do in order to go with the flow in the field of business is to be updated of their customers’ interests and constantly increasing lists of needs.

With that, the following are only some of the most in-demand businesses you can engage in today.

Smartphones or Smartphone Parts
The world in this generation has become smaller because of technology for which smartphones are yet the best invention that people are into. Majority of the people worldwide have been owning or using a smartphone that does important things more than just basic calls and text messaging. Smartphones today can surf the internet, keep notes, watch movies, alarm clocks and many more. Because of this, smartphones have become essential in a person’s daily routine.

smartphoneOvertime, people may need to replace their phones probably because the previous one is not functioning anymore, lost or they just need an upgrade. Because of this, business with smartphones have become in demand.

But what are smartphones without their individual parts? Sometimes when a consumer just wants to have a repair on their phone, all they need is a replacement of a particular defective smartphone part which makes business with smartphone parts to be also in demand.

App Development
Smartphones today have features where certain applications can be downloaded such as games, notes, photo editing, and messaging. Some of these applications are offered free and some are paid. But whether an application is free or paid, doing business in this field is where one would most likely succeed. Many of the smartphone users are constantly looking for smartphone applications that are easy to operate and generally helpful to the tasks that are required of them to do every day. All you need to do is to think of a concept that would be very beneficial or entertaining enough to your consumers with just clicks on their smartphones.

app developmentAs an app developer, when you decide to be one, expect some critiques and consumer requests. These may help you in further developing your applications.

Translation Services
As a business person, you know that it is beneficial to have your business expand globally. And you also know very well that one of the things that may hinder this is the language barrier between countries. This is why translation services is one of the in-demand businesses one can engage in.

Business talk is a serious matter because it involves money and reputation. But when two business people cannot understand each other, then good business may be difficult in the first communication. This is also why translators are in need for the success of businesses all over the globe, and if you are running a business with services as such, you are also in demand.

The rhythm in business is fast, and this is the reason why you have to think and do things fast also. If you want to do business but find it difficult to think which one could get you in the pace quick, then businesses involving smartphones and its parts, smartphone app development and translation services could be great ideas to start.

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