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Are you heading on a business-bonding trip? As a business you’ll understand that teamwork is important to get the right working dynamic. In order to get that relationship it’s a great idea to go on team building day trips. If you are planning one of these trips don’t just stop there, travel together with luxury mini bus hire from One Executive. Here are some tips on some great team building exercises.


Teaming up together to take on other paintballers is a great idea. The aggression and adrenaline will kick in and will allow your team to come together and dominate. Plus working together in the field will give them the transferrable skills to offer in the workplace.Paintball-Edinburgh-Barrels-3


Team dinners really gives your team the chance to sit down and talk and get to know each other. In an office it is hard to keep a normal conversation that isn’t work related and work related talk can definitely be annoying.o-DINNER-PARTY-facebook


Trips to a theme park can be really beneficial when it comes to team building. The journey alone inspires talking to each other but the adrenaline of the rides is something great to share.coventry-uni-freshers-theme-park-trip


Alcohol tends to help people to relax a bit so if there is a particular co-worker that doesn’t tend to make much conversation it is a great way to finally bring them out of their shelf.after-work-drinks

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The Different Types Of Office Spaces

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Offices are pretty much the centre of business. It’s where all the work gets done and pretty much the life and soul of any different type of employment. There is a hidden truth about office spaces though; the layout of them can in fact directly affect the amount of work that gets done. Still though there is no denying that you need one so visit and they’ll gladly help you. Here are a few office layouts that are used in business:


A traditional layout for a business is exactly that, most corporate companies use it. It usually features a reception at the front, which leads to the back with a room of desks and then an individual office for the boss. Although this is traditionally used it is not really the most effective due to the separation of the boss and staff. This would in fact reduce productivity.The-Office-Rivington-Street-Office-Space-940x407

Team Office

A team office is exactly what it says on the tin. All workers together in an office working at their desk. A team office may even incorporate the receptionist into the room. This allows for productivity as there is free communication and the director can see the work that is being done.Serviced-Office-Space-1

Cubicle Office

A cubicle office space is laid out exactly like a traditional office with one particular difference: The cubicle! This is probably the least productive of all offices. It features workers placed in individual cubicles to work. This type of office space often promotes procrastination and miscommunication.action_office_II_1978-1024x768

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How To Choose An Accounting Software

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Accountants-in-BrightonJust like any other industry, the accounting industry has progressed over time and continues to provide new services in the market by incorporating technology. It does not only provide professional accountants, it also provides accounting software in order to make it easier for people to organise and calculate financial statements by simply filling up relevant information in the computer. It is basically a tool to help people manage their accounts. For people who are open to modernisation, accounting software is something that they can use for their business or assets. There are many companies providing accounting software all over the world which make it difficult to find the right accounting software. Here are some tips which can help you in choosing an accounting software.

  1. Compatibility – Though companies create their own software to provide to their clients, there should be at least a certain level of compatibility on the accounting software to make it easier for you to transfer data and information in case the software company stops operating or you decided to switch companies.
  2. Contract flexibility – This is very important so you won’t get stuck using a software with subpar performance or pay huge fees to cancel the contract. Examine the terms and policies that will cover such situations carefully before even considering the software company.
  3. Evaluate the software – The accounting software should be easy to use, has the necessary features and updated by the software company regularly for improvement.
  4. Security – Even if the accounting software is offline, its security should be top notch to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing sensitive information in the software. There should be several security layers to make it hard even for computer savvy individuals to access the software.
  5. Easy data mining – Accounting software does not only store accounting information and data. The data should also retrievable from the software for different purposes. It is important that the accountant or the company managers in charge of accounting can pull out different information depending on the purpose.
  6. Customisable – One accounting software could be used by multiple companies. The software should be customizable to tailor fit not only the operation of the client company but also their branding. Icons, software name, background color and even the aesthetic design should be customisable for the client.
  7. Minimum data errors – Data entry is impossible to be totally error-free even if used by an experienced accountant. There should be internal controls in the accounting software to verify data input before saving the data into the software.
  8. Consistent and good audit trials – Accounting software can also provide an audit for the company. The audit trails should be consistent and good to avoid giving the government and tax monitoring body a reason to be suspicious of the financial and tax statements.

Make sure to have your IT department evaluate the accounting software before signing any contract or have an independent expert check it. Just remember that an accounting software cannot totally replace an accountant. Hiring accountants in Southend while also using an accounting software would be the best choice.

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Wedding Photography Is Big Business

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It may not seem like it but wedding photography really is a great way to make money. If you think about it everyone who is getting married is willing to spend money to get his or her perfect day. So as a wedding photographer as long as you provide great services you will never be short of customers, but here’s a few tips from us at Perfect Wedding Photography on building a customer base if you’re just starting up: wedding-photographer-leicester

Word of mouth

If you do a great job your customers are more likely to recommend you to a friend. Not only is this a great as you are more likely to be able to build a rapport with the customer but it’s also great to target specific areas. Plus your reputation will build up.


Having a great reputation will mean great reviews. For your online presence reviews are great because it shows to potential customers that you are reputable and reliable.


Today pretty much everyone is online, be it social networking or to simply having a website. Exploiting this is your best way to generate customers and pretty much your first source of a reliable customer base.

Wedding Fairs

A wedding fair is a really great place to generate a customer base because the attendees are already looking for services, they’re already down the chain of buying and are pretty much ready.

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Advantages Of Using Professional Cleaning Service

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Close-up Of Man Cleaning The Floor With Yellow Wet Floor Sign

Cleanliness has been part of the society. Whether it is your personal hygiene or the surrounding environment, cleanliness is an integral aspect which allows human to live comfortably in any location. People clean themselves and the space they live in. In the early times, wealthy individuals would hire servants to clean their homes or workplace. And over the course of time, cleaning industry has become a major business throughout the world. With many offices inside the buildings, office cleaning becomes one of the primary sources of income for professional cleaning companies. Here are the advantages of using professional cleaning services such as office cleaning.

  1. Conducive environment – Office is the place where employees work on daily basis. Office cleaning can help create a conducive environment for the office employees which further enhances their motivation to work and performance.
  2. Cost efficient – Those who haven’t tried to hire office cleaning services might find it expensive. On the contrary, office cleaning services are cost efficient compared to having employees clean the office themselves. After all, employees are paid per hour whose rates are higher than professional cleaning services.
  3. Great impression – Having a clean office makes a great impression to clients and visitors. It boosts the image and reputation of the office as well as the company it represents.
  4. Healthier surrounding – Health is important for employees. Healthy employees means less absences and consistent productivity. Office cleaning also minimize bacteria buildup in the office. The company will also get a peace of mind knowing that the clients and visitors will not contract diseases from the office.
  5. Proper equipment – Professional office cleaners are also equipped with the proper cleaning equipment to make sure that every part of the office can be cleaned down to the last speck of dust.
  6. Reduce stress – Dirty office can give unnecessary stress to the employees. Having an office cleaning service maintain the office regularly can definitely reduce stress on everyone in the office.
  7. Time efficient – By leaving the cleaning duties to a professional office cleaning company, no time is wasted for cleaning and employees can immediately work as they arrive in the office. This increases the productivity of the employees since they have all the office hours to spend for work instead of allocating some time for cleaning.

When it comes to hiring professional cleaning company, make sure to choose a company located in your area which has a great reputation on their cleaning services. Or simply just visit Do not hesitate to hire a cleaning company so your office won’t miss out on the advantages of professional cleaning service.


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How To Choose The Company For Personalised T-Shirts

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CO3Personalized t-shirts and other clothing is now the rave these days. A lot of people regardless of location and interest are purchasing and using personalized t-shirts. Couples have a matching personalized t-shirts. Companies are using personalized employee uniforms and clothing giveaways as part of their marketing campaign. Clothing lines are now releasing personalized clothes to provide current and trendy products. Even athletes are using personalized jerseys as team uniforms. With so many people into personalized clothing, there will be companies providing personalized t-shirts and customization. For people who are planning to get personalized t-shirts and other clothing for their team, friends, employees or loved ones, here are some tips on how to choose the company for personalized t-shirts.

  1. Choose over embroidery or printing. For logos, branding and sports jerseys, t-shirt embroidery is the choice of most people. On the other hand, those with their own personalized design or wanted their own photograph on the t-shirt, t-shirt printing is the best choice.
  2. Local or online. There are local companies which offer personalization or customization services for t-shirts. Check your local printing companies if they provide customization services for t-shirts. If you don’t have a local company for customized t-shirt embroidery, search online.
  3. Design – People who want to order personalized t-shirts would often have a design of their own or an idea of what they want. Ask the company if they are able to produce the exact design. If not, look for another company.
  4. Package – There are companies which only provide printing or embroidery customization services. Others would include t-shirts as part of the package. If you haven’t got a t-shirt yet, choose a company who will handle the purchase of t-shirts for you. Most of these companies have their own contacts which free you from the task of acquiring the t-shirts.
  5. Sample Works – Companies will have their samples to show to potential customers. Check the quality of several samples to get a gauge of their service. If you are ordering a sports jersey, check their jersey samples to get a feel of how your personalized jersey would be.
  6. Payment – Companies offer different types of payment structure. If you are limited of resources to pay full, inquire if the company allows installment to fit your financial situation. Most companies would ask for an initial deposit and the full payment after the order is completed.

Be sure to ask your acquaintances if they can recommend a company to make the personalised t-shirts. We recommend My Personalised Clothing. Who specialise in personalising Hoodies.


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How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Financial Advisors

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Corporate-FinanceWhen it comes to finances, any transaction requires careful attention to avoid the risk of losing precious funds. For this very reason most people would hire financial advisors to help them manage their assets and investments. However, due to the nature of the transaction which involves massive amount of funds, there are those who take advantage of the trust their clients gave them and use their position as financial advisors to scam money. This makes people very wary of hiring strangers and trusting their precious assets to financial advisors. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed by financial advisors.

  1. If something feels off, do not proceed. – You are going to allow financial advisors help you manage your assets and influence your investments therefore it is only right that you need to feel fully secure and give all your trust to financial advisors. If you are doubting something, then look for another financial advisor.
  2. Do not rely on referrals. – Though referrals can help you get some quality financial advisors, do not simply rely on them when it comes to your financial management. Look for other ways to help you hire the perfect financial advisor.
  3. Thorough background checkup using all means. – With all your assets on the line, it is never enough to take extra precaution and verify the credibility of the financial advisors you are planning to hire. You can even hire a private investigator if you have a lot of assets.
  4. Ask for a detailed contract. – Before signing the contract, ask for a copy and have an expert evaluate all the terms in the contract to avoid having loopholes in the contract which could be detrimental to you and your assets.
  5. Termination condition must be easy and quick. – Termination must be included in the contract if you feel that the financial advisors is not acting on your best interest.
  6. Do now allow financial advisors to pass your financial needs to other advisors. – Your assets are private and any information must not be shared to anyone by your financial advisors.
  7. Do not give authority on your advisor. – Financial advisors are there to help you manage your finances. Do not give them authority to trade, spend or invest your assets.
  8. Sign only completed documents. – Do not sign documents which your financial advisors will complete later on. Do not give them a chance to rob you.
  9. Ask real time and regular updates on your financial accounts. – Update is important so you will know your current financial situation and can make changes in case something’s off.
  10. Do not share your profits. – Pay your financial advisors accordingly. Do not share your profits as you are the one risking your own assets and not them.
  11. Do not pay in advance. – Some advisors would ask for an advance and leave you hanging. Do not give them such opportunity.
  12. If you are using a financial firm, pay the firm directly.
  13. Invest wisely. – Do not just invest because your advisor tells you. Have a stock expert check the recommendations to know if your advisor is trying to scam you.
  14. Do not allow the advisor to pressure you both time and investment.
  15. For trading, do not allow advisor to do transaction without your approval.

And now you have 15 ways to tell if your financial advisors are trying to scam you. If you are looking for a great company I can fully reccomend

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