Wedding Photography Is Big Business

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It may not seem like it but wedding photography really is a great way to make money. If you think about it everyone who is getting married is willing to spend money to get his or her perfect day. So as a wedding photographer as long as you provide great services you will never be short of customers, but here’s a few tips from us at Perfect Wedding Photography on building a customer base if you’re just starting up: wedding-photographer-leicester

Word of mouth

If you do a great job your customers are more likely to recommend you to a friend. Not only is this a great as you are more likely to be able to build a rapport with the customer but it’s also great to target specific areas. Plus your reputation will build up.


Having a great reputation will mean great reviews. For your online presence reviews are great because it shows to potential customers that you are reputable and reliable.


Today pretty much everyone is online, be it social networking or to simply having a website. Exploiting this is your best way to generate customers and pretty much your first source of a reliable customer base.

Wedding Fairs

A wedding fair is a really great place to generate a customer base because the attendees are already looking for services, they’re already down the chain of buying and are pretty much ready.

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Advantages Of Using Professional Cleaning Service

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Close-up Of Man Cleaning The Floor With Yellow Wet Floor Sign

Cleanliness has been part of the society. Whether it is your personal hygiene or the surrounding environment, cleanliness is an integral aspect which allows human to live comfortably in any location. People clean themselves and the space they live in. In the early times, wealthy individuals would hire servants to clean their homes or workplace. And over the course of time, cleaning industry has become a major business throughout the world. With many offices inside the buildings, office cleaning becomes one of the primary sources of income for professional cleaning companies. Here are the advantages of using professional cleaning services such as office cleaning.

  1. Conducive environment – Office is the place where employees work on daily basis. Office cleaning can help create a conducive environment for the office employees which further enhances their motivation to work and performance.
  2. Cost efficient – Those who haven’t tried to hire office cleaning services might find it expensive. On the contrary, office cleaning services are cost efficient compared to having employees clean the office themselves. After all, employees are paid per hour whose rates are higher than professional cleaning services.
  3. Great impression – Having a clean office makes a great impression to clients and visitors. It boosts the image and reputation of the office as well as the company it represents.
  4. Healthier surrounding – Health is important for employees. Healthy employees means less absences and consistent productivity. Office cleaning also minimize bacteria buildup in the office. The company will also get a peace of mind knowing that the clients and visitors will not contract diseases from the office.
  5. Proper equipment – Professional office cleaners are also equipped with the proper cleaning equipment to make sure that every part of the office can be cleaned down to the last speck of dust.
  6. Reduce stress – Dirty office can give unnecessary stress to the employees. Having an office cleaning service maintain the office regularly can definitely reduce stress on everyone in the office.
  7. Time efficient – By leaving the cleaning duties to a professional office cleaning company, no time is wasted for cleaning and employees can immediately work as they arrive in the office. This increases the productivity of the employees since they have all the office hours to spend for work instead of allocating some time for cleaning.

When it comes to hiring professional cleaning company, make sure to choose a company located in your area which has a great reputation on their cleaning services. Or simply just visit Do not hesitate to hire a cleaning company so your office won’t miss out on the advantages of professional cleaning service.


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How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Financial Advisors

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Corporate-FinanceWhen it comes to finances, any transaction requires careful attention to avoid the risk of losing precious funds. For this very reason most people would hire financial advisors to help them manage their assets and investments. However, due to the nature of the transaction which involves massive amount of funds, there are those who take advantage of the trust their clients gave them and use their position as financial advisors to scam money. This makes people very wary of hiring strangers and trusting their precious assets to financial advisors. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed by financial advisors.

  1. If something feels off, do not proceed. – You are going to allow financial advisors help you manage your assets and influence your investments therefore it is only right that you need to feel fully secure and give all your trust to financial advisors. If you are doubting something, then look for another financial advisor.
  2. Do not rely on referrals. – Though referrals can help you get some quality financial advisors, do not simply rely on them when it comes to your financial management. Look for other ways to help you hire the perfect financial advisor.
  3. Thorough background checkup using all means. – With all your assets on the line, it is never enough to take extra precaution and verify the credibility of the financial advisors you are planning to hire. You can even hire a private investigator if you have a lot of assets.
  4. Ask for a detailed contract. – Before signing the contract, ask for a copy and have an expert evaluate all the terms in the contract to avoid having loopholes in the contract which could be detrimental to you and your assets.
  5. Termination condition must be easy and quick. – Termination must be included in the contract if you feel that the financial advisors is not acting on your best interest.
  6. Do now allow financial advisors to pass your financial needs to other advisors. – Your assets are private and any information must not be shared to anyone by your financial advisors.
  7. Do not give authority on your advisor. – Financial advisors are there to help you manage your finances. Do not give them authority to trade, spend or invest your assets.
  8. Sign only completed documents. – Do not sign documents which your financial advisors will complete later on. Do not give them a chance to rob you.
  9. Ask real time and regular updates on your financial accounts. – Update is important so you will know your current financial situation and can make changes in case something’s off.
  10. Do not share your profits. – Pay your financial advisors accordingly. Do not share your profits as you are the one risking your own assets and not them.
  11. Do not pay in advance. – Some advisors would ask for an advance and leave you hanging. Do not give them such opportunity.
  12. If you are using a financial firm, pay the firm directly.
  13. Invest wisely. – Do not just invest because your advisor tells you. Have a stock expert check the recommendations to know if your advisor is trying to scam you.
  14. Do not allow the advisor to pressure you both time and investment.
  15. For trading, do not allow advisor to do transaction without your approval.

And now you have 15 ways to tell if your financial advisors are trying to scam you. If you are looking for a great company I can fully reccomend

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Freelance Event Coordinator Or Event Management Company

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img-corporate-eventWhen it comes to hosting a business event, there are two types of experts you can count on. You can hire a freelance event coordinator or contract event management companies. Both of these experts can effectively make your event a success as long as you know how to choose the right one to hire. They have experience in planning, preparing and organizing your event. However, if you are confused between the two, here are some aspects which freelance event coordinator and the event management company differ.

  1. Contacts – When it comes to their contacts, freelance event coordinator will often contact small contractors or independent providers while event management companies have contact with companies that can provide them the products or services for the event.
  2. Creativity – Freelance event coordinator works alone and would rely most of the inspiration on their own. On the other hand, event management companies have a team of experts which work together to come up with ideas for the event. Unless you hire a very creative and experienced freelancer, event management companies have advantage on creativity.
  3. Expertise – Freelancers will often specialize on a few events. Meanwhile, companies have experts which specialize on different events. If you are sure of what time of event you are hosting as well as the theme or purpose then freelance event organizer will do. When it comes to simply planning to host an event but no definite specifics yet, the event management company will be the right choice.
  4. Planning – Planning requires the right approach on budgeting, scheduling, venue selection, contracting providers as well as minute details like invitation letters and banners. Only after this has been sorted out that preparation stage can be started. For freelance event coordinators, handling the planning for big events like concerts or corporate parties might be too much of a task. Event management companies are experienced in handling major events and can methodically approach the planning stage including contingency plans in case some things go wrong.
  5. Rate – Freelancers are less expensive than event management companies. If your budget is limited, freelance event organizers would be the right choice especially if the event is small in scale. On the other hand, if budget is not the problem then hiring an event management company could be the better choice.
  6. Resources – Freelance event coordinator would rely most of their resources from their contacts. On the other hand, event management companies would often have their own equipment and resources which they often use for most events they handle.

With the comparison above, you can choose the right one to hire for your event depending on your situation.

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Effective Ways To Make Your Business Event More Engaging

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So you have an approaching business event in which you invited colleagues and potential business partners to celebrate with you; surely your guests would enjoy themselves and engage right? Just because you threw a party doesn’t mean everybody will be thrilled with it. But if you really want to ensure that, take these pointers into serious consideration.

pictured at The Gloss fashion show "Look the Business" held in the Mansion Hall, Dublin. Photo Nic Mac Innes

pictured at The Gloss fashion show “Look the Business” held in the Mansion Hall, Dublin. Photo Nic Mac Innes

Start With A Great Music set

A lot of people overlook the importance of having great music to set the mood of the event. A really good one should be able to catch the attention of your guests and keep them interested enough to stick around until the end (because let’s face it, when things get boring there are guests who slips out). So instead of just using your own home playlist at the last second, put it in your priority right at the beginning of the planning.

Pick A Workable Date

I hate to burst your bubble but, frankly speaking, your business gathering isn’t the only thing that’s going on in your target guests’ lives. And in order for your event to be a hit, you gotta make those guests attend, which isn’t gonna happen if you schedule it during a busy week or month. So try to consider the time of year, day of the week and time of day that suits your guests’ schedule best.

Add A Photobooth

It might be a little unconventional for some occasions, but people who live their lives on a busy work routine would appreciate anything new. It would actually be better if you could surprise them with a fun activity that they’d love to participate in, in that case photobooths never seem to disappoint. So why not look into photo booth hire in Surrey?

Provide Options For Multiple Demographics

You cannot expect your guests to be all young or all old people. So if you want everybody to engaged and not feel out of place, you have to design the entire event in the way that all of your guests, young or old, can relate to. Alternating modern music and old songs is one way.

Use Social Media Wisely

Since majority of people are on social media these days, why not use that to your advantage. Be creative in posting and announcing your  business event. Include pictures of the venue or drop names of guest speakers, especially if they’re famous, to excite more people about the upcoming affair.






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What Makes Leaflet Distribution Less Effective For Your Business?

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Letterbox-Distribution-of-FlyersLeaflet distribution has been tried and tested to be a very effective type of marketing campaign for years. However, despite this fact, there are things that don’t work with leafleting. Continue reading so you can avoid committing them early on.

Paying So Little

It’s natural for any business to try to lessen their expenses as much as possible. However, there’s a difference between being cost-effective and simply being stingy. Not giving the right compensation for a leaflet company who is doing their job to help boost your business is not a good way to do business at all.

Leaflet Design That You Can’t Understand

The idea of leaflet distribution is to catch the attention of consumers at first glance, and keep them interested enough to make them call you. And that won’t happen if you have a lot going on with your flyers. Designing a leaflet should be done carefully; cramming everything about your company in a small piece of paper will just overwhelm the reader. It should be creatively straight to the point.

Expecting A Quick Response From Consumers

Patience is a virtue. Leafleting is a very effective marketing method but it’s a method that takes time before you see results. It’s like planting a seed into your backyard, you won’t notice it growing each day but you’ll just be ecstatically reaping its fruits one day. It may take months after a drop before you get calls but if done right this will produce a steady flow of calls for you.

Sending Out Unrealistic Amount Of Flyers

Know that 10k leaflet is the industry standard these days. So you have to begin there if a higher response rate is what you’re after. This number exposes your business in a better light and gives you a wider coverage.

Opting For Shared Instead Of Solus Type Of Distribution

When your leaflet reaches a consumer’s mailbox, you want to be seen professional and are offering something that can be useful for them. Not another nuisance junk mail that they have to throw right away. Sharing your leaflet with other company decreases your advertisement impact and divides the attention of the consumer. You’re better off going solus, period.

Now you know the dos and don’ts of leaflet distribution let Essex Distributions take your business the rest of the way.


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Evolution Of Beer For The Everyday Businessman

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It sounds strange but the fact is the packaging of a famous product can change an awful lot. Take Coca Cola for an example, through their sheer branding of their bottles and advertisements they managed to change Santa Claus from adorning a green suit to red. Imagine that, one of the most influential holiday figures of all time’s appearance was changed by a mere fizzy drink company. Beer has had the exact same effect. Beer Bottle Packaging has changed so much over time that it is often used to demonstrate how much the times have changed. Here are a few influential beers that have changed the way we view drinking over time.

Gablingers Beer

Origin: Brooklyn

This beer is influential as it was the first ever light beer. Brewed by the famous chemist Joseph Owedes the beer had a chemical reaction that resulted in fewer calories. The bottle’s shape is fairly different to the bottles we see today and almost resembles that of a wine bottle rather than a typical beer bottle.gablingers

Russian River Blind Pig IPA

Origin: Santa Rosa, CA

This beer was actually designed to compensate for a flawed brewery. The compensation came in the form of adding hops until the flavour seemed bitter which is now the guide that most brewers follow when it comes to making beer.

The bottle of this beer is extremely untraditional, not in colour but in shape again resembling a wine bottle.blindpig

Westmalle Tripel

Origin: Malle, Belgium

This beer has been dubbed the holy grail of all tripels with no beers coming close to the taste but a few. However this beer bottle’s packaging is much closer the packaging that we see today.westmalle

New Albion Ale

This beer was the first to represent home breweries and the idea of thinking big even though your resources are small. The bottle itself is a lot smaller the colour similar to what we recognise in beer bottles today.


Fuller’s London Pride

As a British person this is what we definitively recognise as the standard beer bottle despite lacking the recognisably green beer

Pilsner Urquell

Now you must have obviously heard of the nursery rhyme “ten greenbottles” and that is exactly what we recognise as a basic beer bottle, a thick body with a thin neck and sea green stained glass. Pilsner Urquell is an exact demonstration of what I believe is a regular beer bottle that you see everyday.1396042877



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